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Anti-discrimination workshops in schools


Poland is the second country in Europe in terms of the number of juvenile suicides. Imagine a playground with the entire school, i.e. around 800 students. This is exactly how many Polish teenagers attempt suicide each year. The main reason is peer violence and mobbing at school, and the lack of family support.

A year ago, our youngest son Franek experienced violence at school because of his different skin colour. We responded to trauma and pain with love. You can read the whole story in our interview.

We have created a program of workshops dedicated to primary and secondary school students, which open children’s hearts and support the work of educators. We have combined Lidka’s many years of training and coaching experience with Arinze’s charisma and football player experience.
“This message touches deeply because it comes from someone who experienced it all himself,” say educators and school heads after our workshops. The workshops develop empathy and teach mutual respect. They talk about the role of witnesses and their courage in responding to signs of violence. The workshops influence students’ attitudes and change their patterns of reacting to diversity.

Through the workshops, we give young people not only the feeling that they are not alone, but most of all hope that they can do good out of their difficult situation. With our own story, we show that each of them can become a leader and make a difference in their school, for themselves and for others.

We also do this job for you, regardless of whether you have school children. We are sowing good seed in the young generation that will take over the reins of this world any day.

Read the article in Wysokie Obcasy.

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